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Popsicles Soft Cotton Comfort fit Rou...
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Up-cycled Fabrics

Pure & Natural Fibers

Mindful Design

Easy to care

Green Popsicles

Popsicles Clothing

We create fun, trendy and vibrant clothing line for girls and boys Our USP is the purity in fabric construction, comprising of Natural fibers in pure cottons, linens and silks.

We are taking positive steps towards a more sustainable and natural lifestyle. Majority of our fabrics are up-cycled. By using fabrics that are surplus in the garment industry, that have already consumed the natural resources by undergoing the process of wash, dye and print etc., we are taking small steps towards reducing our carbon foot print.

Each garment is carefully designed and hand crafted with a keen attention to comfort, elegance, and simplicity, yet keeping it stylish. We create clothing that is easy to care for, so that you can slow down and spend more time with your children.

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